Sometimes we get so busy with the daily task of living and paying the bills, that dancing; our true love & joy is placed on the shelf for when we "have time". Walking back onto that dance floor after being off it for so long is intimidating; not because you are afraid of what others will think but more of what you will think of yourself. Facing the you that is a little rusty and a little less flexible. It can seem too late to even try again or you may lack motivation but the truth is once you dust off those shoes and you start dancing again there is no stopping you! Even after a long day of work, just getting to move and be your creative self just makes the day brighter and better. Don't deprive yourself of the very thing that keeps you alive, passionate and happy!

Here at Solace we DO NOT believe that only some people can dance, everyone can but not everyone is willing to put in the work! So if your journey in dance has not even started yet but you are thinking "I'd like to try!". You need to get yourself in class and just do it! You will learn a lot about your body, get inspired by others and grow in a new craft.

However WE DO believe that dance is a lot more than just movement, it is a community of people, a way to express emotions without the need for words, a pathway to confidence and it literally saves lives. Our heart is for the younger generation coming up after us, there is so many things out there telling them that they are not enough. We are here to tell them they are and through dance they will get to see it for themselves. Dancers are athletes, we train our minds and our bodies to do amazing things; it's a challenging journey but it's worth it.

Welcome to Solace Dance Academy - our hope is that you find yourself through dance.